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Narrowing down a bike that can do it all used to be tough going. Sure, some work well as a road bike and a 'cross bike, while others are good at commuting and some short road riding, but until the Diverge, nothing out there was astute at every kind of riding subject. The Diverge E5 Comp, however, is made for exploring new roads, commuting to class, and everything in between. It redefines what a road bike can do, so ride wherever you want—this bike doesn't take "no" for an answer.

The Diverge is more capable than ever. And with the constant goal to best meet your needs, we took your number one request into account—tire clearance. The new frame will comfortably fit up to 700x38mm tires with plenty of room for mud, too. Along with tire clearance, weight was a large factor in the development, and taking some design cues from the development of the Roubaix, we developed an E5 Premium Aluminum frame that's plenty light, certainly stiff for hard efforts, and undeniable tough.

Next up, we moved away from a traditional 'cross geometry, instead opting for something that hasn't been seen before—our Open Road Geometry. You can think of it as a road version of modern trail bike geometry. It provides playful handling and predictable steering for endless dirt skids and mid-corner drifts. The geo features a bottom bracket that's over a half-centimeter lower than the previous Diverge, a slacked-out head tube angle, short chainstays, and a short wheelbase. These changes make for a bike that's not only fun in the dirt, but also performs well on the road.

And while riding gravel and dirt roads on a road bike may add to the adventure, there's only so much that wider tires with lower pressures can absorb, in terms of bumps. With this in mind, we implemented a new version of our Future Shock into the Diverge design. It not only soaks up bumps with ease, but also adds the benefit of extremely predictable handling. That's because the wheelbase isn't lengthening when you hit a bump, so the front end of the Diverge keeps the same effective head tube angle. In other words, when you dive hard into a turn, you won't be surprised by under-steer or sloppy handling. Unlike the original Future Shock (found on the Roubaix), the Diverge's version features a progressive spring that makes this technology more suitable for off-road applications, where stiffer suspension is often needed to soak-up larger bumps and obstacles.

Adding to its multifaceted talents, we topped it off with three water bottle mounts, plus mounts for racks and fenders. For the spec, we wanted to make sure that it shifted crisply and braked smoothly mile after mile, so you'll find a crisp and reliable Shimano 105 groupset, hassle-free Tektro Spyre mechanical disc brakes, and an Axis Sport Disc wheelset.


  • Der leichte und steife Rahmen aus E5 Premium Aluminium mit optimal austarierter "Open Road" Geometrie macht das Diverge zum flinken Gravel Racer mit Rennrad-Genen. Das Future Shock Progressive System mit 20 mm vertikaler Nachgiebigkeit spendiert überlegene Kontrolle auf wechselnden Untergründen. 12 mm Steckachsen sorgen für hohe Stabilität.
  • Die leichte Gabel aus FACT Carbon sorgt für die nötige Lenkpräzision und ist auf die Beanspruchungen abseits der Straße ausgelegt.
  • Die zuverlässigen Shimano 105 Schaltkomponenten stehen für präzise Gangwechsel und beste Ergonomie.
Specialized E5 Premium Aluminum, Future Shock Progressive suspension, 20mm of travel, threaded bottom bracket 12x142mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc
Specialized FACT carbon, flat-mount disc, 12x100mm thru-axle
Axis Sport Disc
Axis Sport Disc
Presta valve, 48mm
Espoir Sport Reflect, 60 TPI, wire bead, double BlackBelt protection, 700x30mm
Espoir Sport Reflect, 60 TPI, wire bead, double BlackBelt protection, 700x30mm
Praxis Alba M30
Praxis, external bearings, threaded, 68mm
Shimano 105 R7000, 11-speed
Shimano 105
Shimano 105 R7000, long cage, 11-speed
Shimano 105, 11-speed, 11-34t
KMC X11 EL, 11-speed w/ Missing Link™
Tektro Spyre Mechanical disc Brake, 160mm
Tektro Spyre Mechanical disc Brake, 160mm
Specialized Shallow Drop, 6061, 70x125mm, 31.8mm clamp
Specialized S-Wrap
Specialized, 3D-forged alloy, 4-bolt, 6-degree rise
Body Geometry Toupé Sport, steel rails, 143mm
Alloy, 2-bolt clamp
Diverge rack-mount seat collar
Nylon, 105x78x28mm, loose ball w/ reflectors
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